BAM’s BF aka B Active Mumma’s Best Friends (Bellies, Bums, Backs, Bosu, Balls, Bands, Foam rollers and Floors - pelvic floors that is 😉)


A 45 minute low impact, total body burner session

  • 35 mins of low impact exercises with balls, bands, bosus and light weights

  • 10 mins of foam rolling and stretches to massage it all out at the end

Suitable for all women but particularly great for:

  • Pregnant woman

  • Postnatal women

  • Those who haven’t exercised in ummmm awhile 😉

  • Those who like to work out their whole body but don’t like jumping around so much (bad joints, backs or pelvic floors)


This is a great class to come to if you’re wanting to step it up a notch from BAM’s Prams. 

Held at 206 Mount Lookout Rd, Wy Yung

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