BAM's Prams (Bellies and Carriers)

A 45 min session (enough for two sleep cycles) along the river. 

This is a gentle session and is most suited to:

  • Pregnant women

  • Early postnatal women

  • Women wanting to get back into exercise 


I promise you will feel a burn though, a good burn! I include exercises that will help your body as a pregnant and postnatal woman. Think chest stretching and back, butt and leg strengthening.

We meet at the port of Bairnsdale and walk on the road section, 1km up the river towards picnic point and 1km back.

We stop along the way for some low impact exercises (squats, lunges, light weights, bands etc) and stretch at the end.

The road is well shaded for summer sessions. In the event of rain we move under cover at the Port.

Prams and children are not necessary. Older kids are welcome and love joining in or riding their bikes along side us! So yes this session is possible with a toddler and a baby! Baby carriers are most welcome!

If you can’t make the start of the sessions feel free to turn up a bit later, you will see us easily.

Whilst I will always talk you through core and pelvic floor engagement with each exercise, I do recommend attending the Pregnancy or Core and Floor Restore course first. 

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