Core and Floor Restore


Do you suffer from Diastasis Recti or pelvic floor issues?

Do you know how to engage your whole core and utilise it during everyday movements and exercise?

Do you get back, hip or knee pain?

Do you suck your belly button to your spine or hold your breath when told to 'activate your core'?

Would you like to strengthen your core and pelvic floor?

Then this course is for you. Ideally I would like everyone to start with this course as it will assist you in day to day life and enable you to exercise safely and more effectively.

Course aims:

  • Understand what diastasis recti and pelvic floor issues are and how to heal them

  • Have a greater understanding of the core unit and how to connect to it through breath and with exercise

  • Measure your own diastasis (if you have one) so that you can keep a track of it

  • Move functionally throughout your day to day life 

  • Exercise with correct pelvic floor and core activation

This is suitable for women from around 3-4 weeks post birth to grandmothers! This is not just for women who have had babies, its for all women who want to reconnect with their core. 


  • One 45 min class a week for 8 weeks (either face to face or online)

  • 3 live exercise videos a week via a closed facebook page that you can join in live or watch later. You will have access to these for as long as you stay in the group so you can continue exercising at home with me long after the course has finished.

  • All theory content emailed to you

  • Exercise library with pictures and written content explain each exercise

  • Continual support from me via phone, email or messenger

Run over 8 weeks in conjunction with school terms.


Classes run for 45 mins and are located at Wy Yung Playground. 


Cost: $120 ($40 deposit required to secure your spot – places are limited)

*please bring your own yoga mat to this session


All participants who have completed this course would recommend it to other women.

"I went to get my regular massage today. Usually my hips and back are out. My Masseuse said “wow your body is great”. I told her I’d been doing your classes, she said its definitely working."

"Every woman should do this course and have access to this knowledge. It was so much better and more thorough than I expected."

"I can now go down the street without being scared I’m going to wet my pants."

"Lets just say my sexual function has improved so much that my husband handed me the money and said keep doing that course!"

"My back pain has gone. I feel SO MUCH stronger in my core and move so much better throughout my whole day."

"My sexual function has improved and my husband has commented that he can feel a difference when we have sex."

"Last week I sneezed 3 times in a row without wetting myself!"

"Before I started this course I couldn’t lie on my front because my stomach hurt so much. I can now lay on it pain free."

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