What happens if it rains?

We move  inside location, often at the port of Bairnsdale or at my house. Stay up to date with relocations and cancellations by joining our closed facebook group 'B Active Mummas' (go to facebook page, click 'groups' and it will be there). 

What happens in winter?

Our winter timetable is different in order to accommodate for cooler weather and shorter days. If you have children you’ll know that it’s important to get them out of the house and outdoors and our sessions are the perfect excuse for that. The children soon warm up running around and so do we. Most of the time our winter days are absolutely stunning and you’ll find you enjoy the winter so much more because you got out and made the most of it!

How do the kids go?

It usually takes 1 to 3 sessions for the children to realise you are at the playground for you to play as well as them. Like anything they adjust really quickly and want to stay well after our session has finished.

Do I have to be a mother?

Definitely not. Our sessions are about women, looking after themselves and supporting each other. Our B Active Mummas are the most incredible group of women, so supportive and inclusive. They care for each and every woman that comes regardless of if they have children.

Do I have to bring my children?

Definitely not. If you have the ability to work out kid free, awesome Mumma. You come and enjoy it!

Do you train men?

I sure do! I offer personal training sessions to men and find couples training sessions are a really lovely way for a couple to spend time together.

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