Tough Mumma Sessions @ Wy Yung Playground


45-minute circuit style group session held at Wy Yung Playground. 

No session is ever the same.


Typically run in a circuit style format with a combination of strength and cardio. 

Suitable for any ability – we have women that do burpees on the wall (my favourite type) and those that do them with weights on the ground!

I can modify any exercise to make it easier or harder for you and will replace it if it isn’t suitable.

I work with you to ensure your technique is right in every move and I will constantly remind you to tune in, move functionally and connect with your core and floor!

If you are a new mother or have diastasis recti or pelvic floor issues I would recommend completing the core and floor course first and then attending BAM’s prams and BAM’s BF’s sessions. This will enable you to heal from pregnancy and birth and build strength and fitness up to be able to enjoy these sessions more.

Tough Mummas @ Howitt Park

** PLEASE NOTE THESE CLASSES ARE NOW AT 206 Mount Lookout Rd, Wy Yung due to lighting and warmth ***** 


45 minute high cardio session most suited to those who have a healthily functioning pelvic floor. 

Run at Howitt Park, we utilise the stairs (next to the slide) and the park. We combine laps with stair sets, body weight, dumbell and band exercises. Prepare to work up your heart rate and a sweat at this one! 

Please don't be scared away though. Just like with any of my sessions, I can modify anything to your ability and need. So if you don't feel like running you walk and if you don't feel like jumping or running up the stairs you walk them too. 

Meet at the playground at the top of the stairs. Children are welcome to these sessions so please feel free to bring yours in their pjs with their breakfast! 

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